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vegetable processing equipment

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Whether you’re peeling vegetables and fruit, processing vegetables, salads and fruit, washing and drying leaf salads, mixing food products or wishing to grade vegetables, Food Processing Solutions UK Ltd have the solution to your problems.  

We know that understanding our customers’ needs in this ever-changing industry means that we can quickly offer a solution to our customers processing requirements in a fast and cost effective way.

FPS are appointed UK agents for Sormac, GNA, Concept Engineers, Foodcons,  Urtasun, Doleschal and FOM Machinery.  The product range contained in this site is not exhaustive, as we are constantly working with these suppliers to provide new equipment and new applications for existing equipment.

We are also UK agents for Limex, supplying a comprehensive range of basket, bin and tray washing machinery for all industry sectors.

Besides developing, producing and selling equipment, we can offer advice in maximising the efficiency of your equipment in combination with your product and along with the range of new equipment we supply, we can also source and supply refurbished & used equipment.

Our engineers will be at your service with many years of experience in the field of vegetable processing.

Sormac BSM 3000

Sormac BSM 3000.

Sormac USM 100

Sormac USM 100.

Sormac WOS-1A

Sormac WOS-1A.

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Reconditioned Nilma Turboidrex

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